Case Studies

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New Home - Russian River

A couple came to us with their plans complete and a permit in hand wanting to build a second dwelling on their beautiful riverfront property. As we discussed the project, it became clear that they weren't entirely satisfied with the utilitarian design included in the plans. We teamed up with Builders' Studio of Sebastopol to work with the clients in revising the plans to include a cantilever element which added visual complexity and style.

Remodel & Addition - Sebastopol


For years, our clients had been dreaming about expanding their country home to enlarge and update the kitchen and add an office, family room and bathroom. Mixing new with old in both style, function and efficiency is one of our strengths. Remodeling old houses often results in uncovering unforeseen conditions that make us have to come up with solutions to unexpected problems and this project was no exception. We uncovered some unusual framing which resulted in additional engineering and carpentry, but it was nothing we couldn't handle. Our clients and their two kids love their new, expanded living space.

Whole House Remodel - Petaluma


We think this project is an example of client collaboration at its finest. With her experience as a designer, this client was an active participant in transforming her family's dated ranch house into a beautiful and welcoming contemporary home. We relied heavily on our cloud-based selections system to closely track all of the details of the finishes and fixtures that she chose along the way. The end result of our close collaboration is simply stunning.

Major Retrofit - Sebastopol

We got a call from a neighbor who had concerns about his brick chimney moving away from his house. Once we investigated, we determined that it was actually his house that was moving away from the chimney - sliding off of the foundation. With the assistance of Builders' Studio of Sebastopol, we collaborated with the clients on a plan to retrofit their home by lifting the house, digging and pouring a new foundation, replacing all of the windows and siding, installing a new HVAC system, insulation and roofing. Built in 1885 with old growth redwood, we were pleasantly surprised at the relatively good shape the house was in, but there was still quite a bit of rot repair that needed attention. In the end, the clients will have a solid foundation and a tighter building envelope leading to a more energy efficient and comfortable home.