About Us

At Thrive Construction Group, we're focused on building beautiful structures, but more importantly, we’re committed to building a community. This sense of community is integral to our company culture.


Our Approach:
Committed To Excellence

We strive for quality at every stage – in consultation, project management, building, and final delivery.

Driven By Collaboration

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We partner with you to turn your vision into results – you can expect clear, open, and proactive communication to ensure your voice is heard. We are your advocate, shepherding your project carefully from stage to stage, always accountable to you.


Our Team

Greg Beale


Becca Lipski


Katie Modell



field team

Monica Dean


Silas Huey

field team

Why our approach delivers.

Focused On Efficiency

Being involved with your project in the early stages allows for the total project cost to be accurately evaluated earlier, saving you time and money. Additionally, our teams use cloud-based project management tools to streamline communication and ensure quality control.

Design/Build Capability

If your project is still in the conceptual stages, we are here to help. Builders’ Studio of Sebastopol, our trusted partner for premium quality architecture and engineering services, provides comprehensive services from design development through full sets of construction drawings and permitting. Whether you choose to work with Builders’ Studio or not, we can work seamlessly together with your design professionals as a collaborative team to see your project from your initial vision through completion of construction.